Four part series begins on HBOMAX OCT 22 2020.

I watched the clip, no sign of Gale. I'm sure his part isn't very big, I'm assuming it will be pivotal to the storyline. All actors are portraying real people. Looks to be quite interesting.

So glad I was gifted a laptop for the holidays. Can't get HBOMAX through my cable company but can watch it through Hulu on my laptop. A win for me.

"More Repercussions" by Bailey

I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find the rest of this story "More Repercussions" by Bailey. I'm reading it over at Moonshadow. It stops at chapter 14. Does anyone know if it was ever completed?

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Had to let my little man go. He was 17, lived a happy life. I miss him.

Justin's clothes S1 S2

So Showtime Showcase is running QAF. I have to wonder why they put such ugly, too big, too old clothes on Justin.
The coat in season 1 with the fur collar. Really? The kid's suppose to be 17 not 77. Sweatpants during Pride, did he suddenly lose weight? I'm surprised they didn't fall down every step he took.
So glad he grew some sense of style as the show went on.

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I can't begin to tell how saddened I am to be living in Philadelphia right now.
I understand and agree with the reason for people protesting, but can someone please tell me what riots, looting, and causing damages has to do with the protests.
I believe Mr. Floyd would be appalled to know that this is what his wrongful death caused to happen.
RIP Mr. Floyd, there won't be much peace here for some time to come.